Hoping Is Not Enough on Fracking Ruling, by Anthony Maine

The fundamental flaw in Kaye Fissinger’s column (“Fracking violates our inalienable rights,” Dec. 6) is the hope the Colorado Supreme Court will rule in favor of the city of Longmont based on inalienable rights.

The court will likely view this case only as a technical issue of whether a city can regulate economic activities of an industry beyond what the state has already defined. It would be surprising if the court views the case based on the inalienable rights that Ms. Fissinger described, because the court does not need to bother. That will not happen until the court is unambiguously confronted with the question whether the people of Colorado have an inalienable right of local community self-government.

The court will sidestep the constitutional question posed by the Longmont suit and decide on predictable lines. And that is why I and thousands of other Coloradans are actively organizing now to qualify the Colorado Community Rights Amendment for the November 2016 ballot to amend the state constitution and require the courts to recognize our inalienable right of local community self-government. Please join us in this critical fight to legalize democracy where we live.

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